My Skin on Frame Summer

In 2007, we built a couple of kayaks with Anders Thygesen, a Dane who now lives in Norway. My kayak was built in Brønnøysund, Norway, right up near the Arctic Circle. Anders learned the craft from Svend Ulstrup; then, as he put it, he burned up a few kayak frames until he finally got the hang of it.

Here are six strings of pics from that trip, plus three more strings taken later on during the summer.

I didn't get as many pics in Sweden because of two bum camera batteries. And I was back at work during the Turner class, hence, not so many pics from Connecticut.

The final string of pics was taken in October at the Delmarva Retreat for Greenland paddlers.

There are quite a few pics in each string, and they're big, 'cause I like it that way!

#1: Building the decks; the cabins where we stayed.

#2: Adding the stems; scenes from around Brønnøysund.

#3: Anders bends the ribs; first paddle break.

#4: Putting on the chines; second paddle break.

#5: Skinning the kayaks; paddles we took here and there after we had completed the course.

#6: Coamings; A visit to an island out in the harbor of Brønnøysund; the cast of characters.

#7: Later on, we took a five-day trip along the coast of Sweden in a class with Nigel Foster.

#8: Then in September, my husband built a boat (Sorry, Kampe!) with Turner Wilson.

#9: Here are the pics from the Delmarva Retreat in Delaware.