Swedish Trip with Nigel Foster in my SOF, named "Sn°hetta"

The cabin at Stocken Camping

Getting ready to go


Almost finished packing

Looking over the chart

Shoving off

Finally out on the water

Matts, our Swedish guide. Matts is the Best!!!

Ragnar and Nigel

First night's take-out

On-land instruction

Car-free fishing village

Low tide

Father and son I

First campsite

Lunch break

Nigel and Kristin

Nigel demonstrates technique

Midnattsol and Sn°hetta


Father and son II

Second campsite

Joakim and Matts

Kjell rolls up

Joakim swings the kayak

When we got back to Stocken Camping, on the island of Orust, a kayak meet known as "Stockentreffen" was starting up.

Joakim and Kjell took a rolling lesson with Freya, and had a great time.

Freya taught Joakim how to do a headstand. Within a week, Joakim could do it in his kayak.

Here are some pics from dinner that evening.

Nigel and Kristin

The group waits for dinner. Ohhh, we were sooooo hungry!!

Freya and Dubside

Freya and Joakim

Next day

Joakim plays in a Waterfield kayak

And Ragnar takes a nap

Me and Sn°hetta

Ragnar33 and Jean